AHC30820 CERTIFICATE III In Arboriculture
(Climbing / EWP Specialist)

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The Australian Institute of Arboriculture (RTO #45502) offers the nationally recognised AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture (Climbing / EWP Specialist) package, with high quality course materials and premium training designed to deliver a unique and practical learning experience.

Where can it take your career?

The AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture is the latest qualification ideal for learners who aim to work in roles that require the most current knowledge and skills in arboriculture. These roles include working at heights using climbing techniques and elevated work platforms (EWP’s) to access and work in trees.

Completing this course is perfect for learners who wish to work as a:

How is the course delivered?

This AHC30820 course is designed to be delivered through a Face-to-Face Delivery Method. Learners can complete it in 6 terms over a minimum total of 58 weeks, excluding 14 weeks of holidays, depending on each learner’s relevant skill, knowledge, and experience. Learners are expected to complete 3 units per term.

Here are the full details:

Note: Please read The Australian Institute of Arboriculture Student Handbook containing the Refund Policy, Complaints and Appeals Policy, RPL Procedure, and other policies and procedures prior to enrolling.

What will you learn in the AHC30820 Cert III Arboriculture course?

In this arboriculture course, learners will learn from practical and classroom sessions and experience various situations during vocational experience (on-the-job-experience). Among others, learners will learn how to:

How is the course structured?

Learners will progress through their AHC30820 course following The Australian Institute of Arboriculture’s course delivery approach, which includes:

All learners will be assessed through a combination of the following assessment methods:

What are the course units?

The AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture (Climbing and EWP) includes 9 core units and 9 elective units, for a total of 18 units.

Course Units

Climbing Specialist Course Content

EWP Specialist Course Content

*HLTAID011, TLILIC2005, UETDRRF002, UETDRRF08 and HLTAID009 units are NOT delivered by the Australian Institute of Arboriculture. Students must organise the completion of these units via an external provider.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no prerequisites required to enter this course. However, it is preferred that students:

*Students who fail to meet the LLN requirements of the course may still be enrolled to the course provided that enrolment has been endorsed by the trainer and corresponding additional support strategies have been put in place.

The following unit has the following corresponding prerequisites

What are the resources needed to complete the course?

To support you in your new course, Australian Institute of Australian will provide:

To complete your course you will need to have access to:

**Information Technology Requirements

Learners require access to a unique email address, computer, internet and possess basic computing skills.

Minimum computer specifications are:

Can I use a tablet/smartphone?

Yes, but smaller devices will not be adequate to view learning materials and complete assessments. We recommend a PC/MAC laptop for an optimum learning experience.

Occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements may apply to this qualification in some jurisdictions. Specific determination should be sought through the relevant State or Territory.

Learners who have access to a work environment (i.e. industry employees) are required to render a minimum of 8 hours of work placement every week. This will complement the 8 hours of face-to-face training to be delivered fortnightly, which the learner will also be required to attend. Work placement will be required for all units in this qualification, including all electives.

Students who have no access to a work environment are not required to render work placement, but may be required instead to attend additional face-to-face training.

The Australian Institute of Arboriculture has a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy to ensure that an individual’s prior learning, achieved through formal and informal training, work experience or other life experiences, is appropriately recognised. This recognition may assist students to progress faster through a unit of competency, or allow the student full credit.

Candidates will use the AHC30820 RPL kit provided by the Australian Institute of Arboriculture to gather and submit their evidence and assess competence.

The AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture course is available for only $12,500; paid as a $1,000 deposit on enrolment and twenty monthly instalments of $575 by Direct Debit agreement.

The AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture (Climbing and EWP specialisations) enables learners to pursue a wide range of job roles and careers in the agriculture, horticulture and conservation, and land management industries. As such, learners may also consider additional training to complement their skills, such as:

  • AHC50520 Diploma of Arboriculture*
  • AHC60520 Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture*
  • AHC60216 Advanced Diploma of Horticulture*
  • AHC80120 Graduate Diploma of Arboriculture*

*These units are not currently being offered by Australian Institute of Arboriculture.

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Last updated: 1/02/2024